- I do PC Windows/Excel Automation

If you are looking for a PC widows automation to automate daily boring repetitive tasks, I can help you to boost up your speed by automation. This website is dedicated to INDUS UNIVERSITY. You can reach me at

This Sub-domain is dedicated to Indus University Projects.

You can search for your updated vouchers and upload if the voucher is not present. But you need to wait at least 2 days after depositing fee to the bank

Provisional Students are requested to please upload necessary documents on this portal

About Us

We cherish our ideals and mission by stewardship of following values:

  • Foresight
  • Excellence
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Teaching by example
  • Persistence
  • Sharing
  • Making Difference
  • Reaching out


Indus University enriches students and society by creating and disseminating fresh perspectives in knowledge, research, leadership and application. Our community of scholars and alumni is devoted to build sustainable society nationally and internationally.


Our vision is to nurture purpose, leadership and excellence in students, faculty and staff who are competent and eager to serve nation and world.